Photo shoot in Kyiv
by Elena Pilepina


About me

As a photographer, I  focus on depicting naturalness, real emotions, telling the story through photography .


After photo shoot in Kyiv you get more than professional high end portraits, you get new experience and emotions.

My guests go home different,  feel anew and have bright photo memories of their stay in Ukraine

Pilepina - Storytelling Photographer - My photos talk

>>>>> Photo services in Kyiv, Ukraine

—— Photo shoots  by Professional Photographer Elena Pilepina  ——

Бізнес портрет для команди - Corporate headshot photo shoot

Headshots &
Corporate Photo shoots

If your company team works in Ukraine or you are a solo traveler, photo shooting package for LinkedIn, website or social media are just right.

Headshot photo shooting is perfect for business persons, freelancers, bloggers or even travelers in order to represent yourself in action on your social account and to emphasize the individuality.

Ask for the proper pack for you.
Flexibility is available)

Photo shoot & Excursion in Kyiv

This photo shooting is combined with excursion. We walk together with my guests along the streets of Old Kiev hidden romantic places. You get 3 in 1 : photo shoot, excursion and new experience.

The founders of startups, bloggers, digital nomads choose it.

Contractors on request.

If you need privacy and no publishing - be sure, it`s guaranteed.

сімейна фотосесія в Києві

Photo shoot in the studio

For all people, their portraits and family portraits are unique. Family photo shooting is a special time spent together. As the result - unforgettable memories for the whole life.

We combine portrait photography in the studio with photo walk during one photo session outdoors.
Contractors on request.

You can choose as photo walk in the city so photo shoot in any studio of Kyiv or ask photographer to come to your home.

Mountains Meteora, Fine art by Pilepina Elena

Take Fine Art Photography home with you

I photo shoot different art series or create landscape fine art prints that remind you about different point of Ukraine and Europe and make you think about eternity.
You can take them from Ukraine to your
home with you.

>>>>> How you can work with me?


We get equainted

We communicate through convenient way: instagram, phone, messenger, skype and confirm the date and the cost.


Advance payment 

We get 50% payment in order to book all needed contractors and the date and time of the photographer.


Book a location

We agree and approve the place for photo shooting. Book location in Kyiv if needed for the required time. 


Book contractors

We book all necessary contractors for the shooting project: makeup, hairstyle, stylist or other.


Select clothes

We create bows for photo shooting from the existing wardrobe of the client  in case it is necessary.  If needed, I give recommendations for purchasing additional clothing.



On the agreed date you will be met by makeup and hairstyle specialist in the dressing room. After get prepared I will take photos.



During the set time all  photo material  will be carefully selected,  color corrected, resized, optimized for printing and downloading.


Transfer photos

Ready photos in high resolution quality will be downloaded on Google Drive with  further link sharing .

>>>>> Why my clients choose me?


Less that 7 days for your photos to be  ready 


High resolution photos, ready for printing


Real live emotions


8 + years of photo shooting experience


Loyalty for all clients


I`m flexible concerning photo shooting location 

>>>>>> My Guests and models share the reviews <<<<<<

Petko, IT

I had the pleasure of meeting Elena in downtown Kiev for a photo session. I was amazed by the professionalism and the beautiful portrait photos that she created. The photo walk with Elena was a wonderful experience. She showed me some stuff about portrait photography, and as we walked she took really cool pictures of me while explaining stories about the places we visited. It was a pleasant walk, and it felt relaxed and easy. I recommend it to everyone interested in such a thing. Highly recommended!


Elena’s tour was fantastic! Throughout the photo stroll she showed me the shots she was taking and asked how I felt about them to tailor the rest of the shots to my feedback. She’s also so knowledgeable of the areas where she takes photos. It was fun to learn interesting facts about each place.

Family photoshoot in Kiev Ukraine


I asked Olena for photo ssession several times and always received excellent photos. Highly recommended!



Дорогая Леночка! С тобой невероятно приятно работать! Была приятно удивлена результату. Фотографии получились чудесные!Спасибо тебе огромное.

Ukrainian girl photoshoot in Kamianets-Podilsky, portrait photography, photographer Elena Pilepina in Ukraine, Kiev


Щиро дякую за професіоналізм. Фотосесія принесла масу позитивних емоцій і приємних спогадів. Відчути себе частинкою минулого...стародавнього- це незабутньо.

Сімейна фотосесія в Києві від професійного фотографа

Justine & Matt

We had a great time on Elena's photography tour! She showed us spots we would have never seen as tourists and it felt like an exclusive behind-the-scenes. On top of that she was super personable and we are excited to see all the photos! Thanks Elena!

Couple photography, photo shoot in Kyiv, Ukraine, AirBnb photography experience

Anna & Eric

Good experience. Will recommend.

Max & Dasha

Организатор Елена заранее связалась с нами и мы поговорили на все интересующие нас вопросы. Встреча была в чётко запланированное время и мы получили приятные подарки при встречи о которых вы узнаете заказав фото экскурсию с Еленой. Сама экскурсия была увлекательной и очень интересной и мы даже не заметили как пролетели два с лишнем часа. Во время экскурсии нам дали много дельных советов и рассказали о достопримечательностях которые стоит посетить ещё. А по окончанию экскурсии мы в кратчайшие сроки получили фотографии. Елена огромное спасибо вы настоящий профессионал своего дела!

Celebration New Year in Kyiv, Ukraine. Photo shoot in studio by Pilepina


Важко знайти гарного професіонала, та ще важче довіритися, проте з Оленою фотосесія пролетіла дуже швидко та легко! Дуже дякую, Олені за поради та за фото 🤗

Adalia, drama teacher

A great peek at some hidden areas in Kyiv.


This was my first multiple location photoshoot, so I appreciated Elena's patience, knowledge customization and artistry!

сімейна фотосесія в Києві

Karina & Vadim with son

Нам очень понравилось на фотосессии с Еленой. С нами был 3-х летний сын, а это задача не простая, суметь запечатлить ребенка. Елена смогла найти общий язык с мальчиком и сделать ему хорошие снимки. Спасибо большое)


Лена поразила меня с самого первого момента! Она встретила меня с букетом нежнейших тюльпанов - это, как оказалось, как раз то, что нужно моим рукам, которые никуда не могли сразу пристроиться. Такт, чутье, ненавязчивые подсказки, настойчивые подсказки, затаенные уголки Киева, неожиданные закоулки, интересные детали города, историческая справки - это далеко не полный список всего, что мне удалось пережить в этой двухчасовой прогулке! Это непростая фотосессия - это психология, это познание себя, видение себя в мире, поиски себя. Спасибо, Лена!