About Me

Hello There, Im Elena

I am portrait photographer  with more than 9 years of intensive photo shooting experience, Travel blogger and Google Street View Trusted photographer. My mission is to help you discover you personally and your business anew and different. 
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Photo walks VS Lifestyle photography

  • Pilepina Creative Studio Stands for discovering, storytelling and psychological photography, that help you discover places and yourself.
  • I tell all my guests: “This is your day and I’m here to made your day memorable and document everything.” I encourage them to enjoy their photo day, to be who they are and let me be who I am.
  • One of my former guests, told after discovering photo walk: “Looking at your photos showed me all the wonderful moments I wouldn’t have remembered.”guests
  • I shoot solo travelers, couples, families to ensure that their photo walk was discovering in many aspects, never forget what made their day so special.


  • Pilepina Creative Studio has Google Street View Trusted photographer and interior photographer in its team .
  • We create 360 spheric panoramas or so called 3D tours, classical interior photos and locate them on Google maps.
  • We add your business to Google search and help people find it on the maps”.
  • We adore traveling, that is why we contribute the maps with photos to make such travelers as we are to travel easily .

Art photo in interior

  • Pilepina Elena admires telling the stories in pictures and creates big size photo pictures for interior.
  • The photos are telling about famous travel and unknown places around the Europe countries with its beauty landscapes and architectural masterpieces .
  • Pilepina`s Art goes from the very heart and helps feel happy or think it over again and again, when you look at.
  • I shoot people as if they want to tell the story for themselves in the future with their pain or happiness deep inside.
  • All prints are in limited edition