about me

hello there, I`m Elena

The heart wanted to discover new secrets  and to make the world a little brighter and more interesting.
At 2014  I started my travel blog and photography storytelling. Now more on my Instagram
Google Street View Trusted photographer from 2018.
And my contributions are on Google maps.
While traveling, I collect places and photos for prints, those you can buy for your interior. Visit Pilepina`s gallery.
My photo walks turned into psychological and city discovering photography experiences. And I feel photography power for many people: for me as for a photographer and other people as the models.
I show  my photo shootings and share my thoughts  on Facebook too.
I understood that….
My personal mission is to help you discover the secrets of unknown places and  your personal hidden opportunities with the help of photography. 
Pilepina Elena -photographer for your virtualistic experience
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Photo walks in KYIV

Real life photo shoot & excursion in Kyiv

  • Pilepina Creative Studio was created to enrich positive moments in your life with the help of storytellings, photo shootings, and photo books.
  • You may get excited with photo walk as a model and listener , discovering Kyiv city at the same time. Any way you will get professional photos from me.
  • Photo walk by Pilepina it`s a kinda photo shooting with mini excursion (minimal number of data, interesting historical information, hidden locations, photoshoot).​
  • I say to my guests: : “Just imagine that you are an actor. Play this role for you and feel yourself natural".
  • One of my guests put photos made by me on most of his social profiles. This is one of the best gratitude for me after photo walks with me in Kiev.
  • You will remember this day for sure.
  • You may get photo shooting practice right away during the walk.



  • I offer you my studio, there you can feel easy and comfort, because all that studio is mine.
  • You can do make-up & hair-do by yourself or order my team.
  • You can share your vision concerning your photo shooting or ask me to create preparations tips and our vision.
  • This can be photo shoot in front of white background or emotional close-up photo session in front of other color background.
  • After 2 hour photo shoot - you get up to 200 photos in color correction and 10 (20) photos retouched.
  • #pilepina_photographer is my hashtag there you can see not all, but most of shots photographed by me.

Travel Ukraine

online / offline tours

  • This can be online tour and consultation before you visit Ukraine
  • I visited many Big and small cities of Ukraine and lived there from 7 days to some years and collected photography and videos from different places of Ukraine, I traveled by myself with my family.
  • You will get information about Ukraine gathered together - Where to go, what to see, how to plan, how many days you need to cover it all. All that I test myself first before telling it to you.
  • This can be offline tour with photo shoot .
  • Who needs this tour? - Anyone who wants to widen ones horizons and for everyone who plans to visit Ukraine.
  • #pilepina_travels is the hashtag I use to tell you about my travels .
Travel for photography on Airbnb with Pilepina photographer
photo art by Pilepina, "photography as therapy"

FINE art

  • Traveling always makes me inspired and excited to fix the moment and create beauty for long lasting nice emotions.
  • All my photos are presented in my studio - Live Gallery .
  • Offline presentation is planned in one of the galleries of Kiev, Ukraine after quarantine .
  • All photos are possible to take a look at, following the link below.
  • Each photo printed in limited edition.