16 photographers` professions

16 photographers` professions

Photographer Beginner

Being away from photography business, I was thinking that all photographers do all kinds of photos be it a family portrait or wedding photo shoot.

Starting my experience, as all amateur photographers I started taking photos of Landscapes, flowers and cats.

 I found out that travel photography can be as separate way of photography art expression. And my Travel Blog started its life in 2014 right away with serious  photography thoughts: “What to shoot?”. My website http://pilepina.com was called Travel & Photography.

Monetization was an interesting theme for me after that. And exactly then came the point of understanding where and how to get revenue from photography. I searched and read much photo information, inserted codes into my website and created photos for my travel blog. 

But I got only travel revenues, I wanted Photo revenues and this moment came after I made decision to find out the only and my photography profession (way).


All photography professions need photography education and experience. Each of them needs its own set of photography equipment: camera, lens, light, studio  and so on. What  photography profession to choose is up to you.

All photographers need to know how to work with day light,  studio light and portable light, because, taking into account the tasks they face, they take needed equipment for certain task. More about day light,  studio light and portable light photo shoot I will tell in other posts.  It turns easier to find one way –  one photography. This can be your instruction for choosing the Photographer way.


Nude Photography

#1 desired photography profession in the world

Nude photography attracts   attention of  all people, especially if it is female nude photo. Nowadays, nudity photo is used even to attract  attention to manly products to be sold. 

Marketers use this type of photography anywhere anyhow. 

My experience in Nude Photography just started, I tried and I liked. I look for my expression there for now. 



Wedding Photography

 #2 desired photography profession in the world

Why I put this photography on the first place?

Most photographers who want to get more money and to get quick understanding how does it work, entering  Wedding photography. Perhaps there are some other motivations, but I know for sure, it is  as responsible so  difficult photography profession. 

In my experience I had one wedding photo shoot for 2 hours and I understood, It is not for me to shoot wedding for 10 – 15 hours.


Studio photographer

#3 universal and needed photography profession

This Photography can`t be  concerned as profession, but work in studio as photographer need much practice and experience, controlling the light.  Some photographers take photos only with studio light and don’t have deal with day light. And this kind of photography profession can be set as  separate profession. 


Portrait photographer

#4 one of most serious and difficult

Most photographers in the world try to copy the Harcourt Studio. They make the unique light scheme and work for it for a long time. Their models are famous people, film stars. To shoot portrait is difficult from the point of view “Emotion” – photographer needs to get the only one best emotion. Be it a business portrait for LinkedIn portfolio or for website, portrait is about the best shot.


Fashion photographer

#5 photographer of high level, who should have the team

This is quite another level of photographer, here the photographer can’t work by oneself, to get the best result, there should be the team there everyone knows ones role. All people are the set of the result and in this case they need to be able hear each other,  feel each other and know what they want to get in the result. It is  the most paid for the project in whole. You can work with different teams, its possible, but not possible to create full project and do everything by yourself.

I would rather call it different level of photography.


Event photographer

#6 the most quick photographer

Becoming an event photographer be sure that you want to be everywhere and invisible. You need to take many shots of all people and you don’t have opportunity for reverse. All shots must be well lighted  and focused. You should move quickly and fix  all key moments.


Family photographer

#7 mega psychologist photographer

All photographers must be psychologist a little bit, but Family photographers need to feel the emotions in the studio or outdoors,  need to be commutative and more inventive to make all family members comfort in front of the camera. Even being family photographer you may have photo walks or portraits photo shooting, it depends on you either you choose all ways or only one. 


Instagram photographer

#8 new photographer profession

The time goes and everything changes, especially in digital world. Now all,  who take mobile camera can be a photographer. Most famous instagram photographers make cool photos, not only because they have cool mobile camera, because they know the secret of photo shoot. they know photo shoot rules and use them. 


Property photographer

#9 Difficult and interesting photo profession

As my searches and observations say,  property photographers are mostly man. The interiors don’t make faces and don’t need to be  shot a lot of times in order to get one of 1000 shots. It requires from  you to be exact and concentrated. The horizons should be level and all pictures must be perfect in light and point of view.


Newborn photographer

#10 tenderly and calm photographer

As my experience say, newborn photographers are women. They tenderly make the “nest” for a newborn baby and photograph with tender and love. Only in this case the result is successful, because the baby is asleep and calm. This photography can’t be limited with an hour time. Usually photographers spend for this photo shoot 2 – 4 hours, because a baby needs to be full and calm.


Wildlife photographer

#11 The most courage photographers

Wildlife photographers have very expensive cameras and lenses.  They spend much time to get the right view and take waiting position. But also they can be divided for Bird photographers and dangerous animals photographers. And their photography strategy really differs.


Travel photographer

#12 the most famous photographer profession

But not all, who photo shoot traveling are getting revenues for their photos. It needs more time and posts to discover this theme. 

But most photographers become travel photographers from time to time.


War photographer

#13 the most dangerous photographer profession

Not all want to be there, but for those,  who starts its like a mission to open the curtains and show the difficult reality of war mess.

This type of photography as profession for me is unknown, if you have  some experience, write me and we will share it. 


Product photographer

#14 “craft-man” photographer

All photographers are the craftsman, because they repeat all deals again and again. But this photography profession is different. As I took photos of products for Amazon, and communicate with product photographers, I can say fro sure: it has advantages and disadvantages as follows:

  • the products don’t scream
  • they don’t have emotions and it is easy to shoot them
  • sometimes there is big quantity of products to shoot and it needs its own photo studio on the factory
  • it makes crazy to work in silence fro a long time

It is an interesting experience  and studio work as well.


Jewelry photographer

#15 Photographer jeweler

Perfect view of jewelry needs special photo shoot strategy and further Photoshop work in order to make the jewelries shine and attract attention.


#16 Photographer guide

Photo Walks

as separate photography profession.

Nowadays it becomes a new profession. In the time of  search of new emotions and desire to travel and communicate with locals this profession is a nice opportunity for travelers to get many high quality photos and to discover new place from the point of  view of a local guide. It make sense fro me, because one of the way, I chose in photography is Photographer guide and there are the events from me in Kiev, that you can join and get new experience. 

Photographer – guide becomes a new profession. And I will about it in more details.

Be sure that yo will see Kiev from new view. 

Yours #pilepina_photographer 

English speaking photographer in Ukraine – @pilepina_studio



All Photographers` professions are responsible and full of different and interesting strategies,  because they all are different and similar at the same time. 



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