4 reasons to visit Kiev, Ukraine

4 reasons to visit Ukraine

Coming to Ukraine, you need to know that you can travel medically, travel religiously, travel eventually and now you can travel for PhotoShoot – photography travel.

To discover the city and its history is a real delight, because it breathes with many epochs and different people influence.



(due to COVID-19 you the concert schedule and places changed) –  the right place to check the concert for your date is a website KARABAS.COM

The singers are tired of long and strict quarantine and started concerts outdoors and in the parks and gardens in the end of the summer.

Nowadays, some theaters start their plays with additional rules and restrictions. 



Nowadays there are even Architectural tours in Kiev too. You can walk along with a real expert in architecture and get cool idea how Kiev  was built and what architecture is dominant in Kiev. Just pay attention to the buildings you see on the photos.  they are really unique. 

4 reasons to visit Kiev



Many people travel to Ukraine for medical  dentist care. Most people, who travel to Ukraine try to combine vacations and medical care. The main reason for searching medical care in Ukraine is the price for medical services. Usually the price is much lover than in European countries and in USA.

4 reasons to visit Ukraine



As my experience shows, coming to Kiev, many solo and group travelers try to combine excursions with photoshoot in order to remember the stay with professional photos. Photo shoot costs less than in other countries. Some  solo travelers order personal photo classes and photo shootings with excursions. It is very cool experience and saves you time and money. PHOTO SHOOT AND EXCURSION IN KIEV

4 reasons to visit Kiev - Photography travel



One day I was walking the narrow streets of Kiev and imagining how I photograph the guests of the city and tell the history of the city. Later on it came true in some years.
I organize PhotoShoot and create photo books. If you plan to visit Kiev, you may order the book before travel and get it printed in Kiev in premium quality for good price. Moreover, you may order photowalk and PhotoBook if you stay for longer than 2 weeks in order to take the book home with you .


PHOTO BOOKS PRINTED FOR LESS PRICE can be additional reason to stay in Ukraine for longer.

In the video you will be able to see what  your photo book can look like. We can meet in Kyiv and you will be able to touch and take a look at some of them.


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