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About Me

Hi. I’m Elena

I am the founder of Pilepina Creative Studio,  portrait photographer  with more than 9 years of intensive photo shooting experience, Travel blogger and Google Street View Trusted photographer. I am from Kamianets-Podilskji and lived several years in summers in Kiev when I was a child. 13 years ago I moved to Kiev . The main thing for me is to do my best in helping you discover interesting information and places about Kiev or other locations. I help my guests remember stay in Kiev in different way and help you get new all-round portraits of yourself.

Professional Skill

First camera I used when I was 13. 

Photo shooting with natural light since 2011

Photography indoor with additional flashlight since 2018.

Photo shooting during fashion contests and walks.

Photo shooting during travel for travel blog 2012 – now

Google Street View Trusted photographer since 2018.

Photoshop editing experience since 2011

Creativity and Imagination
An Eye for Detail
Patience and Flexibility


Contact Info:


Independence Square,
Kiev, Ukraine