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Pilepina Creative Studio | About
Фотографируем идею! 360 Photo and video in interior and outdoor. Продумываем образ, подсказываем позы, ловим ракурс. Team of photographers shoot your idea, create vision, tell the poses, catch the look.
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Certified photographer technology Google Street View. Creates Spherical panoramas and forms 360 panorama and video tours.
Take photos of interior. She creates portraits in Studio or outdoors with love.
Shoots products and composes photo albums.


CEO and Project author

Photo experience
- reportage shooting,
- portraits in studio and outdoors,
- creates model and actor portfolio.
``I am always open for new offers and ideas. Ready to hear your desires and put them to reality. I will create your own unique view with photography. See you in the work of spleshes and shots. `` © Vitalina


Photographer - Partner

The history of Pilepina Creative Studio is the result of Huge love to beauty and desire to create photography as ART. Photography helps us to remember everyone as unique as one is now and ever.

We photographers see real beauty in you, when you don’t see it.

Photography for business is a creative-technical process, that is why we follow the rules and give creative recommendations)