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Roads in Ukraine are really interesting thing to experience and compare.
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All about roads in Ukraine

All about roads in Ukraine

Following the theme “All about roads”, today I represent you new information about roads in Ukraine and will share my feelings using them. Who is interested in Toll roads in Europe read information about toll roads in Europe here.  Night driving in Ukraine will be today’s special theme. Going by car in October, I was shocked and sad about the roads in Ukraine, how difficult people cover long distances at night. It is possible but difficult for eyes and nerves. Read further to know what inconveniences you can meet on Ukrainian roads. We did not plan night voyage, but long gathering caused night driving.

What make driving at night to be difficult?

I see you as active unstoppable tourists, who are ready to meet some difficulties on the roads and not be astonished of the adventures.

Get to know the difficulties:

  • There is only one highway in Ukraine not more than 20 km of road from Kiev to Boryspil.
  • Traffic signs are not lighted up; they do not reflect the light of headlights to make the signs to be seen vividly. Sometimes they are hidden in the bushes or in the trees.
  • No lighting above crosswalks, drivers barely see pedestrians on them at night.
  • Not possible to go quickly on good quality road coverage because of the signs that mean: “speed limited”. The color of such signs mean 60km/h, speed limit is not written on them. The signs are white with the name of city or village depicted on it.
  • Signs are standing out of (driver’s visible zone) sector of view.


  • Traffic lights are located aside the road but not above it and behind the tree branches sometimes.
  • No repeated same traffic signs on both sides of the road. Just imagine what can happen if you missed (did not see) it because of the truck going next to your right side even during the day. Do not think about it just be careful and do not exceed the speed limit.

Traffic Sign absence is possible event on Ukrainian roads and at night it brings danger. Ones upon a day, we almost ran against concrete plate on the road and, thanks God, there were no cars to the left and to the right. We went around and saw deep and wide hole on the road behind that plate. Double danger! Moreover, it is not the only case.

Good thing about Ukrainian roads that I can tell you is that fact that:

– road numbers are depicted with white paint on the road coverage on major road interchange, predominantly near big cities. If you have paper map, it is good to know the road number or better to have updated GPS navigator and check with it during the journey.

– on newly built roads there are electronic board right above the road.

And, in addition to all above mentioned, some simple reminds:

  • At daytime, it is enough to be law-abiding driver and pay attention to weather condition, which influence the driving quality hardly.
  • Distance is important every day; first in my life during our journey to Karlsruhe, I saw big car accident: six cars joined as one, one by one. Sad sight.

Moreover, do not be afraid of the wolf. Do not be afraid of Ukrainian roads. The one who is not going does not cover the distance.

Theme “All about roads” to be continued…


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