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Pilepina Creative Studio | Just read and get to know what cities to start visiting in Ukraine.
The biggest ones.
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Big cities of Ukraine

Big cities of Ukraine

Cities of Ukraine

Including Crimea, Ukraine has an area of 603,628 km2 (233,062 sq mi), making it the largest country entirely within Europe and the 46th largest country in the world. It has a population of about 44.5 million, making it the 32nd most populous country in the world.
The biggest cities of Ukraine are the main cities of the regions.
The biggest cities of Ukraine are Kiev, Odesa, Kharkiv, Lviv, Dnepr, Kryvji Rih and some others.

How to get to Ukraine.


Kyiv / Kiev

You can find two words, which explain Kiev, differently written (Ukrainian: Київ; Russian: Киев) –  Kiev (ru) or Kyiv (ua) .
Kyiv is the capital and largest city of Ukraine, located in the north central part of the country on the Dnieper River. The population in July 2015 was 2,887,974 (higher estimated numbers have been cited in the press), making Kiev the 7th most populous city in Europe.

All destinations from the whole country lead to Kyiv by train, by bus and there are two international airports located in and close to Kyiv. To know more about Kyiv.



Odesa is the biggest city in southern part of Ukraine is located on the bank of the Black Sea.

Odessa  and sea coastal regions are famous for fishing. On the biggest city market “Privoz” everyone can choose any kind of fish, fruits and vegetables. To know more about Odessa.



Dnipropetrovsk  – officially Dnipro, Дніпро) or Dnepropetrovsk (Russian: Днепропетро́вск ), is Ukraine’s fourth largest city, with about one million inhabitants. It is 391 kilometres  southeast of the capital Kiev on the Dnieper River, in the south-central part of Ukraine. Dnipropetrovsk is the administrative centre of the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast.



is the second-largest city in Ukraine. It is located in the northeast of the country close to Ukrainian – Russian  border.

The city was founded in 1654 and after a humble beginning as a small fortress grew to be a major centre of Ukrainian industry, trade and culture in the Russian Empire.

Nowadays, Kharkiv is a major cultural, scientific, educational, transport and industrial centre of Ukraine, with 60 scientific institutes. There are 30 higher education universities and institutions, 6 museums, 7 theatres and 80 libraries.


Kryvji Rih

Kryvyi Rih (Ukrainian: Кривий Ріг translated as Crooked Horn) or Krivoi Rog (Russian: Кривой Рог ) is a city in the Dnipropetrovsk region of Ukraine.

Kryvyi Rih is the 8th most populous city in the country.  The Uniqueness of this city is – it extends for 126 km from north to south.

Kryvyi Rih’s urbanization in metallurgy developed due to iron mining and investigation of rich deposits of iron ore. It lead to the building of the Yekateryninska Railway in 1884 – built for transportation of ore to the Donbas – transformed Kryvyi Rih into a major industrial town that culminated in city status in 1919.



Lviv (Ukrainian: Львів; Polish: Lwów; Russian: ЛьвовLvov), the largest city in western Ukraine and the seventh largest city in the country overall, is one of the main cultural centres of Ukraine. Named in honor of the Leo, the eldest son of Rus’ King Daniel of Galicia.

There were the times then Lviv was a part of Poland. Narrow streets laid with stones make this city unique from long faraway times till now.

Nowadays, Lviv is famous for coffee, chocolate and interesting historical places. Most ways  by car, by bus or by train to Poland  lead through Lviv.


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