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Pilepina Creative Studio | We stay there each time, when we travel to Europe by car.
Hotel Status near Lviv, UKRAINE, my review.
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Hotel Status near Lviv, UKRAINE, my review

Hotel Status near Lviv, UKRAINE, my review

Every year when we go to Europe by car we book this hotel for a night, because we like rooms, interior and service we get there.

This hotel of premium class. BOOK a room in STATUS HOTEL

Service, rooms, interior and restaurant talk for themselves.

Hotel Status is located not in the very city Lviv it is in the little village very close to Lviv, in Malekhiv.

We stoped ther once due to recommendation of our best friend of family and were glad we stayed there.

After that we had been there two more times with one daughter and later already with our toddler son.

Personally I share here only the best hotel experience I had. On Google maps I leave reviews about most of the hotels we had been, but not about all.



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