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Pilepina Creative Studio | Several ways to get to Ukraine: by air, by bus, by train, by ferry....
Choose the one for you.
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How to get to Ukraine

How to get to Ukraine

By Air – International Airports

The following airports will help you to visit Ukraine. Some of them work with Low cost airlines, some are not. But they all are open for international flights. Boryspil International airport, Zhuljany International Airport (Kyiv Airport), Danylo Halytskyi International Airport “Lviv” are the main among them.

By bus

International Bus routes are available from all big cities and from the cities close to the borders of Ukraine. You can easily reach by land (by bus) such countries as Poland, Belarus, Moldova, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Russia.

The most famous Ukrainian Bus transport companies  are Gunsel, Busfor, Ecolines. Peep them up to get the prices and routes.

By Train

The best way is to book tickets with the official websites; – online timetable for  trains to little cities of Ukraine.

By sea

There are several sea ports, which allow people with cars or without as passengers get to and from Ukraine by sea.

If you travel by car – from Chernomorsk  –

Without car – Odessa Sea port –




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