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Pilepina Creative Studio | Odessa
Фотографируем идею! 360 Photo and video in interior and outdoor. Продумываем образ, подсказываем позы, ловим ракурс. Team of photographers shoot your idea, create vision, tell the poses, catch the look.
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Odessa is the city on the southern part of Ukraine. It stretches  for 35 kilometers along the Black Sea beach.

To get to Odessa from different countries as easy as to Kyiv, because there is an international airport located in the city.

Odessa is unique for its humor, fishing, big Sea ports territories, Big food market “Privoz”, The Potemkin Stairs, or Potemkin Steps.

There are several parks: Shevchenko Park, Park Peremohy, Park Gorkoho and others.

The only park which is close to the beach is Shevchenko Park. It is located right in the center of the city (historical part), close to the Sea Port and there you can also find Delfinarji “Nemo”. Nice place to have a rest for all family.

Beaches and recreation zones, such as Luzanovka, Arkadia, Lanhzeron, Delfin.

Luzanovka and Arkadia are the paradise for night life as well as for daytime relax.