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Pilepina Creative Studio | Travel for Photography experience with a local
Photo shooting abroad is a new type of experience abroad.
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Photo shooting abroad – “Travel for Photography experience with a local”

Photo shooting abroad – “Travel for Photography experience with a local”

One men travels eventually, I met him on Instagram, another men travels for bride. And we offer to travel for new photography experience. 

Traveling becomes more interesting and different. Not long ago AirBnb started to offer Experience from locals through their platform in Kiev. This  gives new opportunities for travelers and locals. Th idea origins from desire  to feel the local life have more traditional experience in the country you travel to.

There can be several different ways to “Travel for Photography experience with a local”:

Photo Tours

Photo Walks

Photo Shooting

Photo Master Classes

As photographer, I have some offers of photo experience on AirBnb platform. you can see them all through Pilepina Shop 

Moreover I create individual photo shooting in Kiev with make-up, location, professional photo equipment and edited photos and great photo experience in the result.