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Pilepina Creative Studio | If you travel solo to Kiev,
Ordering Photo walk in Kiev - is a nice and new experience with cool photo memories.
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About This Project

“I am a US Peace Corps volunteer working in a village called Ol’shans’ke in Southern Ukraine.
I have been living in Ukraine for the last 2 years, and I will return home to the US very soon. I studied Russian language as a college student and then graduate student, and I travelled to St. Petersburg while studying Russian for a few months (already 7 years ago). After school I lived in Washington, DC for a few years, before deciding to join the US Peace Corps in Ukraine.
In Ukraine I’ve enjoyed my time, and not just learning Ukrainian and visiting cool places. I had the opportunity to meet some truly amazing Ukrainians who are sincerely passionate about building Ukraine’s future, and are doing the work to make their dreams a reality. I worked with an organization called Power of Unity (Сила Єднання), which leads coordination of the Tryhutty International Kite Festival with two other partner organizations.
The idea to host a kite festival in Ol’shans’ke OTG started just 3 years ago, and this year the festival had already become a major tourist attraction, which brought over 30,000 people. Witnessing major events like this, which started with a few people deciding to do something extraordinary is more than a little inspiring, and makes me very hopeful for Ukraine’s future.”
My guests are so different and interesting and they all like Ukraine and admire it.
Happy to meet you Amber, admire you and your desire to help our country in your way.
Your #pilepina_photographer in Ukraine, Kiev.

Elena Pilepina


Kiev, Ukraine


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