Christmas Tree in Kiev Ukraine 2020

Where to go in Kiev in January 2020? 

Nowadays it becomes a tradition to celebrate New Year in new place, new country or a city. 

Coming to Ukraine, Kiev, the first place to plan in your agenda must be St. Sofia  Square in the very center of Kiev. This place must be the first in your bucket  list because there is the New Year concert every year  that starts about  23.00 on the 31-th of December and finishes on the 1-st of January. 

The Christmas Tree and Celebration Location starts  from the St. Nicholas Day and lasts till the 14-th of January.  

There are fair for adults and children,  different activities for children, concert on the St.Sofia Square. 

Visiting christmas tree in Kiev, Ukraine, you must know that there are a lot of different restaurants and pubs nearby to attend and have meal there. 


This was Photo walk when my guests didn’t want to show their photos and I decided to show the atmosphere.

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