DOORS in KYIV or in Notting Hill?

Blue door in Kiev during photo shoot with photographer Pilepina Elena

DOORS in KYIV or in Notting Hill?

Many years ago I watched the movie “Notting Hill”  and, walking the streets of Kyiv,  I remember the phrase  behind the screen “in the little apartment behind the blue door there lived …”

Not long ago but this style or trend to draw the doors in different bright colors came to Kyiv, Ukraine. The Blue door on the featured photo is in Kyiv, Ukraine and it is the similar but not the last uniqueness of this and other doors in Kiev.

As a photographer and creative person,  I like this trend  very much . I know many interesting places in Kyiv and will eagerly show them to you during our photo walk.

For two years of photo walk as photographer in Kyiv I gathered many doors in my collection, which I show you during our  guided photo shoot. Some of these doors are wooden blue, others are metal  and black with long history and almost ruined.  Some are almost forgotten and even locals don’t know about them. But such doors are beautiful and make difference with their history.












I plan to show you several doors  in real life. They all are closely located one to another,  but not easy to find from the first sight. That is why You need a guide, who can help you.

If you are a solo traveler or travel as a couple, I can help to fix the moment for you on beautiful streets of Kyiv  with professional Canon camera.

You are welcome to contact me in direct.


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