How to choose photo studio

Are you afraid of photo studios?

Perhaps, You just don’t know how to choose photo studio?

Personally I, as photographer,  choose photo studio up to my tasks. As I know, the orderer choose photo studio, according to desires.

But,  the simple way to choose photo studio is to tell the photographer what you want to get in the result and the photographer will choose the one studio from many studios or will help you to choose because nowadays there are a lot of them in Kiev. 


Think over what photography you want

It can be:

  1. Corporate portrait
  2. Family portrait
  3. Romantic portrait
  4. Thematically photos (in interior photo studios)
  5. Events or other photo shooting


The main things I recommend to pay attention are:

  1. The backgrounds you want to have on the photos
  2. The style of photos you want to get (all photographers work in different styles)
  3. Photo books or pictures to be printed in the result of photo shooting

With all these points you may come to the photographer and discover whether the photographer can do that and find photo studio for your desires.


Nowadays I have photo shooting  outdoors and indoors in my photo studio. I help to choose photo studios in Kiev.

If you plan visiting Kiev, I will eagerly help you to make your wish come true with your photo session in Kiev.


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