How to stitch several photos in Photoshop manually.

stitch 4 photos in one in Photoshop manually

Why you ned to stitch photos in Photoshop?

When you photograph interior sometimes you don’t have enough opportunity to cover all wide angle and to show full picture that you need. While photographing the cafe my task was to photograph the whole counter  side of the cafe. I didn’t have the lens with such a wide angle, that is why I need to stitch several photos in one.

There are several ways how to stitch several photos into one.

The first is to stitch it automatically into panorama in Photoshop, but it is not always suitable for different reasons.

Another one is to stitch it into panorama manually. And I considered it to be better in my case. I stitched 4 photos into 1 manually in Photoshop.

 In this video I show how I stitch 4 photos of interior into one in order to create  wide wide angle photo. 


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