Is it safe to visit Ukraine?

is it safe to visit Ukraine

Everyone, who plan to visit Ukraine asks this question somewhere  in internet more frequently after  2014 year.

I can say you for sure that this safety depends on the region you pan to visit. 

I will tel you mostly about Kiev:

  • Region Safety
  • Rental safety
  • Money safety
  • Transport safety
  • Self Security

Region Safety

If you want to go to Eastern Ukraine, there is the war nowadays and it can’t be safe. The East Ukraine, I mean the following cities, such as  Lugansk and  Donetsk and surroundings.

If to speak about Kiev –  the capital of Ukraine – it is safe for tourists. 


You can easily plan your route about Ukraine to Central, South and Western part of Ukraine and be comfort and feel safe. 

Don’t forget about the thing that in small towns there are more people, who don’t know English and it will make some difficulties to communicate, especially in villages and in rural zones.  

Rental safety

Also think about the apartments to stay for a night. Better to rent in advance. But before renting, contact the host in order to get to know all the details you want. And only after that – book it online. All well known platforms, such as or  can offer you safety as a third part, use this if needed, contact support.

Speaking about Kiev, the quality and price depends on the city region.

Central part of Kiev and new building zones will be more safe and friendly than old and faraway city districts. If to choose faraway districts for rental, look for some closely located to subway.

Money safety

Coming to Ukraine, pay attention to the following:

  • the currency is – Hryvna
  • 1 $ = 24 Hryvnas
  • 1 Euro = 25,4 Hryvnas


In Cafes and restaurants you will be able to pay with credit card. In the very center and all over the city in small cabins, coffee only for cash.  Better to have a sum of money in cash. You can find many ATMs in the city center in Kiev. To find out ATMs you can use Google Maps, it works. 

Transport safety


The most quick and easy to use is Subway –  “Metro” – Blue 5 cabins go through the city center to different corners of city. It is better to take a card for such transport or to pay with paypass. Nowadays it is possible to do that in Kiev Subways. Otherwise you can buy a coin for one ride. It costs 8 Hryvnas.  On weekends there are less people than on working days. 


Self Security

In crowded places, there can be thieves. Having a walk in the city,  pay attention to the people who stand very close to you in the transport or in the queue, nen or woman it makes no difference. Keep your pockets shut and closer to you.  Be  aware and don`t relax too much and your stay will be cool.


In order to have more real  information and have photos memories about travel to Kiev, Ukraine –  book your Creative photo walk with me and I will eagerly show you and take photos of you in Kiev. 


Best wishes and safe  stay in Kiev.

Yours  #pilepina_photographer




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