Life style photo shoot! – Why  is it so Beautiful for families?

Life style photo shoot in Kiev, Ukraine with photographer Elena Pilepina, Pilepina Creative Studio


Why  is it so Beautiful for families photo shoot?

As a photographer I thought about Life style photo shoot for a long time. I had Photo shoots for brands, Photo shoot for kinder-gardens, for schools and my heart all the time asks me to photograph life style photo.

Why  is it the best family photo shooting?

  • Such photos can show the real family relations and stop tender moments  of father & mother, son & daughter, father and mother with children  communication.
  • For the couples this photo shooting style is also the best to show the emotions and relations in the best tender way. As on the photo below.

Life style photo shoot for families, romantic photo sessions for couples in Kiev, Ukraine with professional photographer

How do I photograph?

I always start my work before photo shooting. PREPARATION is the first part of photo shooting. I offer several places and routes if needed. These can be city routes and field with forests locations near Kiev. We talk over the idea you have and the garment you take. I can offer you the dresses and t-shirts for rental. More about rental will be written in another post. 

Moreover, I don’t insist to wear something special and certain, I respect your choice and comfort. And If you are interested to get better result, you will listen to my thoughts about photo shooting apparel.

The main idea to photograph life style  is to give minimal influence in the process of photo shooting. Sometimes I give ideas for posing, walking and doing. More frequently, I catch the moments, in order to show real you.

I make photos more expressive and storytelling with the help of cutting and coloring in Photoshop and after 2 hour photo walk I give you whole photos in color correction and my personal style editing .

You are afraid that you will not be able to relax?

 Don’t be afraid, because you will have enough time to be yourself and I will help you not to focus on photo shooting.

If to speak simple – life style photography it is a real life depicting.

Professional photo-shooting make the photos better and be sure they all will look perfect in your family photo-book.

 Are you interested how to create your family photo-book?
I ‘m working to share this info with you.


To discover one day route in Kiev in order to see more, follow the link.


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