Panorama or spherical panorama. What is the difference?

panorama on Facebook or 360 degrees panorama


I think, many travelers and photo lovers were waiting for new option: to make panoramas in Facebook directly from the phone. And we all got it. 


The pano made on the phone are cool and transfer us realistically to the new place. Most travelers shoot such panos and share them on Facebook, but not Instagram, it is not possible to post such panoramas on Instagram. 

It is very nicely shows wide angle, after  quick shooting and quick posting we can se it on anybodies profile. But there is another pity thing, it doesn’t show whole circle of view and we can see the cutted image on both sides.   

The re are other opportunities to create and see whole circles of view and to make the reality virtual and close to each of us. That is why we now will talk about panoramas which are called spherical panoramas or …


360 degrees photo

These panoramas are not the simple panoramas, they are called spherical panoramas or 360 degrees photos.

And such photos really help to plunge into virtual reality and show a place more realistic as if you are in the place that your friend visited. As a Google Street View Trusted Photographer I add 360 degrees photos on the map to help people in the world travel or transfer easily in new and unknown places.  

Personally I use such panoramas as the traveler in order to find the better place for our family and to pick the beach for example, or to find the apartments. Spherical panoramas more realistically show the place and the sizes of the hotels, restaurants or other places.

panorama on 360 degrees for Google My Business


Panorama or photo for 360 degrees

or spherical panorama?

What are you going to choose?

If you need to make a post – panorama on the phone and post on Facebook will be OK.

If you need to represent your business – better to order high quality resolution spherical panoramas for your hotels, restaurants, co-working places, shopping centers and to have better presentation of your interior than your opponents  or the the same level, but not the lower.

Hope, that you got the difference and you now know what and there is better.

Сподіваюсь, що мені вдалось прояснити певні питання стосовно панорам та сферичних панорам.


Yours,  #pilepina_photographer

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