Photo shoot for teenagers. Challenge or a nice Birthday celebration idea?

Professional photographer for photo walks in Kiev

It was difficult to describe and make my teenage daughter to understand what it will be.

I wanted to present her something different and new, something that will widen her horizons and helps her look different on the places and people around and on me, her mom, as well.

The year before she didn’t want to have such photo session as photo shoot and quest for her and her friends in the very heart of Old Kyiv.

But this time she was one year older and she let me lead them along the narrow streets of Kyiv and show some hidden places.

I made the questions and invited them to be attentive and took around to see the things they wouldn’t see if I hadn`t requested them to do that. It was a kinda quest.

They found the paintings and new emotions and photos in front of the famous places in Kyiv.

The Golden Gate is must have place. The St.Sofia Cathedral  and square,  “hedgehog in the mist” too.

And some more interesting places with the stories from Pilepina – Storytelling photographer in order to make that photo shooting different.

Here are some photos by me  how it was.

We came by car to the start point and had a photo shooting walk.

It was the day before St. Nicolas Day in December and the Fairy was not active, but the Christmas tree was already on the point and waiting for the beginning of the celebration.

Nevertheless,  they discovered the city, made some fun as on photo and had yummy dinner  in extraordinary cafe,  the Passenger Cafe.

The day was nice and the photos are really cool reminders for all of us about that unusual birthday party.


Photo shoot and excursion in Kyiv with teenagers


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