>>>>> Photo shooting for a couple in Kyiv

Photo shooting for couples in Kyiv can be in studio as well as on the streets together with mini excursion or in any different location, discovering new or old Kiev. It’s up to you to choose the place. 

Eric & Anna

Photo shoot for this couple was very emotional and tender. While photo walk in Kyiv we covered a nice route along narrows streets in  Old Kiev and talked about different things such as posing, history, model business. 

Aleksandra & Evgenij

Tender relations between two people better to fix with photo shoot. Especially for these young people I made couple romantic photo shoot along Vozdvizhenka in Kyiv. 

Vozdvizenka is a new building area in the Old part of Kiev.


Karina & Vadim

Firstly two people are a couple, later they become mom and dad . They always should remember that they are a couple and everything stated with love. 

Couple photo shoot is a a perfect idea to spend time together and have romantic photos without toy trains in the shot.