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>>>>> Portrait Photography

Portrait photography, or portraiture, is a type of photography aimed toward capturing the personality of a person or group of people by using effective lighting, backdrops, and poses. A portrait photograph may be artistic or clinical. 

While stay in Kyiv, Ukraine you can discover photo shoot in studios and various locations in Ukraine as experience and discovering tour to hidden yards, old traditional Ukrainian houses and narrow streets in the oldest part of the city.

—– Photo shootings by Elena Pilepina 


 Sometimes photo shoot is needed to make photos and see the look you get in new designed wear. 

     We combine individual (private) tender studio photo shoot with style photo shoot.


 Men also need portraits. We combined photo shoot with excursion and it was awesome.


  Emotional and bright portrait for a young pretty woman. You can try yourself as a model or an actress, choosing the emotions and showing them.


He discovered tiny hidden yards in the very heart of Kyiv. Experienced himself as a model and now he has nice memories from Ukraine, made by Pilepina – Storytelling photographer.

Katia & her family

Portrait photo for every girl in the family – it`s the event and bright and new activity. You are so natural and emotional on photo, girls. Portrait photo shoots outdoors and in the studio.


During 2 hours Marina was in a cozy home wear, she turned into lady in red, felt Christmas coming.


It was the time to make faces, have fun, create memories, spend family time together in different new way. Anastasia even experienced herself to be a model in different looks and locations.

Every big thing started small

"My photos can talk"
Pilepina - Storytelling Photographer - My photos talk
Storytelling Photographer

Savour Your Next Holiday together

>>>>> Photo shooting for a couple in Kyiv

Photo shooting for couples in Kyiv can be in studio as well as on the streets together with mini excursion or in any different location, discovering new or old Kiev. It’s up to you to choose the place. 

Eric & Anna

Photo shoot for this couple was very emotional and tender. While photo walk in Kyiv we covered a nice route along narrows streets in  Old Kiev and talked about different things such as posing, history, model business. 

Aleksandra & Evgenij

Tender relations between two people better to fix with photo shoot. Especially for these young people I made couple romantic photo shoot along Vozdvizhenka in Kyiv. 

Vozdvizenka is a new building area in the Old part of Kiev.


Karina & Vadim

Firstly two people are a couple, later they become mom and dad . They always should remember that they are a couple and everything stated with love. 

Couple photo shoot is a a perfect idea to spend time together and have romantic photos without toy trains in the shot.

make your new day different

>>>>> Photo shoot with a stylist

Photo shooting for woman in the studio as well as on the streets or in any different location together with the stylist in cooperation with Ukrainian traditional garment or stylish apparel. 

Photo shooting in
Traditional Ukrainian Wear

There not so many brands that create Ukrainian Traditional wear, but every day there are more and more. 

It was pleasure to create photos for Ukrainian Traditional Brand Synij Lion with beautiful Ukrainian models. 

we create new reality for women

     You as a model, searching for a different experience may bring you new you.

    The spirit is nice and comfort. 

together with stylist and contractors

    Our cooperation gives great bright emoting during photo session and helps you discover new you in new style.

In Autumn or in winter, in summer or in spring

We create gorgeous trendy looks for our models.

Photo books will remind you about ...

School time

Graduation form school or kindergarten are more memorable with classical graduation photo book.

kindergarden graduation

Our children will be always little for us and all parents always want to stop the moment and remember the kids small and tender even through photos book or a planshet.

family memories

Any family celebration is a nice occasion for photo shooting and photo book to be printed