Visit Ukraine Today – several recommendations for travelers during COVID-19 pandemic

4 reasons to visit Kiev

What you should know before coming to Ukraine

during Coronavirus pandemic?    

    Traveling abroad we all already created one rule:”To check the available flights and coronavirus restrictions in the country, where we go”.

    You as a traveler can find out useful information concerning Coronavirus lockdowns and restrictions active in Ukraine on the website –

Moreover, you  can contact  your country embassy in Ukraine to get information or…find out the information on the following sites below.

Coronavirus statistics in Ukraine  in Google search.

New restrictions and rules for January 2021 in Ukraine.

Ukraine to impose new lockdown on Jan. 8, after holidays - 
Ukraine will go into a nationwide lockdown starting on Jan. 8 until Jan. 24 to curb the spread of COVID-19, Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal announced on Dec. 9. 

What will be closed?

  • Cafes, bars, restaurants (delivery and takeout only)
  • Non-grocery stores and bazaars (delivery only)
  • Cinemas, theaters, art galleries, museums
  • Gyms, fitness centers, swimming pools
  • Shopping malls, except for stores selling essential goods (defined as groceries, hygienic and household goods, medicines)
  • Night clubs, concert venues
  • Hostels, but not hotels
  • Schools and universities, but not kindergartens

What will be open?

  • Grocery stores, pharmacies, banks, post offices, petrol stations without food zones
  • Hotels (with restrictions on dining)
  • Hairdressers’ and beauty salons (by appointment only)
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How do locals follow the restrictions in Ukraine?

     Telling about restrictions in Ukraine, be ready to wear a mask in public places. More often people wear the masks outdoors even when it is not required to be wore. But sometimes there are some skeptics, who consider COVID-19 to be not real and you can meet such people in the grocery or near the banks or somewhere else. Security man in some groceries can ask to wear the mask or can not. If you consider it inappropriate to refuse following the rules, my personal advice will be not to interact and wait until authorized persons dot their job.

People, who don’t wear the mask can be aggressive because of the situation. Take care and be safe.

Wearing the masks outdoors is not strictly required, people take their own decisions either to wear the masks or not.

Photo shoot and excursion in Kyiv

by Pilepina Creative Studio

… are in action even during pandemic and are allowed to gather in small groups. 


  • Contact me before planning photo shoot and excursion in Kyiv,
  • Find out the weather forecast,
  • Put on your warm clothes,
  • If you have your  ideas for references, share them with me,
  • Take some accessories in order to make your shots more interesting Storytelling and bright.
  • Take your good mood and let’s have new bright experience in Kyiv.

Photographers RULES:

  • I wear the mask during the whole photo shoot,
  • I use antiseptic regularly.

P.S. on the 19-th of December there will be a bright and traditional Ukrainian celebration fair on the St.Sofia`s Square.

It worth visiting St.Sofia Square  for photo shooting. These days the atmosphere is really celebrating.

To see how Ukrainians and city guests celebrated new 2020 year  on St. Sofia Square last year – read the Post, feel the atmosphere 


For more live emotions and photos get 2in1 PHOTO SHOOT & EXCURSION.

AIRBNB experience in Kyiv, Ukraine 2021

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