Weekend in Kamianets-Podilskji, Ukraine

We go to Kamianets-Podilskji each year. The August of 2016 was not the exception. We were going to Slovenia by car, but now I want to tell only about this part of route, because this destination worth talking about.

To get to Kamianets is possible by any mean of transport with the exception of ships and aircrafts.

Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine and it is easy to start  any trip you want from this city.

We live in Kyiv (ukr.) (ru. – Kiev), that is why all our trips and itineraries start from here.

From Kyiv to Kamianets-Podilskij it is about 500 kilometers one way and it can take one day way about 7 hour of car trip duration.  Our car travel  goes through the following cities as on the map down there. And we go back home to Kyiv the same way any time we go forward and backward.

That time we decided to find new itinerary and we found it to be better than another one we used to go before. That is why now I am talking about the best one and marked it on the map above.

It was 8 o`clock in the morning then we started from home by car. Tried to lay slippy younger child in the car and not to wake our son up. We did it. He slept for about an hour and then was looking around.

Our bags were packed from the evening and we started but some business made us visit some places in Kyiv and only after that at about 10 o`clock left the city. Each time we go traveling we follow the rules “remember child needs first and you will be happy”. WE planned to cover bigger part of the road while son slept, but it ocured that he woke up and started crying.

Tips For family travels with children

Any time you travel with children, especially small ones keep something to eat for them with you.

I always take: hot water and bottled water, fruits and cookies. Something of this list will help to make a toddler calm before you find a place to stop.

Going out the city Kyiv be sure you will find some filling stations to stop and walk a little and have some coffee and  feed a little passenger.

Our son cried, we gave him some cookies and found the filling station “Wog” along the road to make stop for better further driving.  You will say there is nothing romantic. But it is! Than all walked a lot, fed themselves up, we started our trip to Kamianets-Podilskji.

All the road from Kyiv to Zhytomyr our higher speed was 110 kilometers and rarely  higher. The road was good enough, I mean cover.

Road tips

Coming to Ukraine by car or traveling by rented car you need to know that the roads in our country are not so good as in Europe. that is why it is more safe to cover any destination in daytime. Otherwise, read all about roads in Ukraine. In Ukraine there are only one part of the road which works as highway (130 km) from International Airport Boryspil to Kyiv. All other roads have speed limitation 110, 90, 60 km. Sometimes it can be 50 km then you approach  road police department located right on the road. On the our destination Kyiv – Kamianets-Podilskji you can meet several of them. Sometimes police stops you to check documents for the car not only to register you broken the  rules.

The next part of the road we had calm driving without stops, because our little boy played a little, and later slept for about 4 hours and we rushed as we could. And made little stop already in 15 kilometers from Kamianets.

Meal for this destination, tips

Take some fruits and snack with water. Be sure, following the map you saw you will easily find wright way.

Mind, there are big parts of roads without filling stations or cafe and restaurant. If you need to stop do it in big cities, marked on the map as main route points.

What we saw in Kamianets-Podilskji

Along the route we made two stops on the filling station near Berdychiv and in Khmelnitskyi Wog Filling station. They have there ready for quick preparation oat with rasins in the paper cup.

We  prepared this quick and hot meal for our children right away.

We came to Kamianets at about 19.00 p.m and had some time for some walk and discovering.

Why so long?

If you pass Kiev across you may stuck in the traffic jam. Only early departure may solve this problem.

We stopped in the house of my relatives, that is why we didn`t have to book some appartments.

If you go to Kamianets-Podilskji and don`t know where to stay Here you will find some accommodation to stay in Kamianets-Podilskji for a night.

That evening we drived to the Old part of the city and walked along the old city main Square called Polish Market” or “Ratisha”  and drank some coffee in authentic cafe named “Kava vid Politsmejstera”. They have antient atmosfere indoors and outdors and many old Ukrainian traditional gear for home work inside around the tables. They have old photos of 19-th century city Kamianets-Podilskji on the walls and in the tables.