What photography can be paid and what not?

monetization of photography

Photography is not the only one kind of photo shooting.

It has many types of photo shooting. Be it mobile or camera photo shoot. All equipment and gadgets works for it task.

If you are only a beginner or just want to order a photographer for your business you need to know the following. 

As an orderer you must pay for most kinds of photo shooting, because this is a difficult and high equipped and very expensive job.

As a  doer (performer) you need to know that not all photography services are paid. If you just imagined for yourself that you like to shoot flowers you will get much money you are mistaken.

You can, but nowadays it is too difficult.

Here in this post I give my division of photo shooting and it can be different from general ones.

This is how I feel it and use it.


You may be interested in nature photography, be sure we can devide this way into two at least or even more. Photo shooting of flowers.   It can not be monetized as you imagine. There are a lot of free photos in Internet.

BUT…another nature photo shooting can be monetized.


Photo shooting of animals

Wild animals Photo shooting can be an expensive hobby or a really highly paid profession. You can shoot wild animals for World known Journals? – Cool!   Photos of domestic animals receives a lot of likes and comments  but doesn’t give money.


Model shooting.

model photo shooting Kyiv Fashion

This type you can also devide into several others. Family photography in studio or outdoors. Wedding photography.  Fashion models shooting. Instagram lifestyle photography. And also Newborn photo shooting. In this case your model mostly will pose for you.



reportage, events photo shootingHere you can shoot anyone in motion, no one will pose for you on purpose or will do it seldom. Here are sport, dancing shooting, some family events, birthdays, weddings or other fashion shows.


Product photography. 

Product on white background, 3D, still life photo are most needed for online shops. And need to have photo studio or to work with your equipment on the territory of your customer. And this type of photo shooting becomes more long lasting and permanent cooperation. More often the product photography process will  be divided into several periods and paid for periods.


Photo Walks.

photo walks in Kiev with photographer, discovering old city historyI feel my own type of photo shooting is photo walk for travelers. The dream of my childhood was to create excursions and to share positive moments with people in my life. Usually, I organize photo walk for solo or group of travelers, who come to Kiev at first time. We walk, talk, photograph.   It’s a mixture of reportage, model shooting and excursion.

Are you interested in this type of photo shooting? – You are welcome! I Launched it!


And others.


Each one requires its specific experience, the time spend for its fulfillment depends on the sequence of steps you take to fulfill it.


You are welcome to experience Photo walk with Pilepina in Kiev and discover Old city and get your new emotions from you being a model.



Elena Pilepina


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