Photo walks in Kyiv with photographer guide


  1. First must visit place in Kyiv  is Old city.

You can easily find it on Google maps. The main entrance to the old city of Kiev was called Golden Gates. It was not the only entrance to the city. There were three of them. (I show two  of them to all my guest of photo walk).

Coming to Kiev even for one day you will not see the whole city, it is really huge. 

2. St.Sofia Cathedral –  the oldest and powerful religious  building of Kiev.

3. Independence Square –  this is the place where many nowadays events and meaning bloody events took place in 2014. If you want to come to Kiev, I recommend you watch documentary film “Winter in Fire”. After that, coming to Independence Square you will feel all these time event by yourself.

4. Vladimir the Great monument and nearby Klitchko glass bridge.

Kiev is located on two banks of river Dnipro and on several hills. It used to be smaller many centuries ago. And exactly that part of little old Kiev is possible to cover by walking for one day. The places I recommend you to visit are all located on the right bank of the river. The left bank contains more living (sleeping) regions, but there are many interesting places ti visit too. Trukhaniv Island and Gidropark will be also interesting for you if you like to walk much and to have night party time.


Will you be able to see all place by yourself?

  • Yes, You will be able!


Will you be able to get 4 in 1 (tour, photoshoot, recommendations, hidden and famous places discovery)  for 1,5 – 2 hours of walk?

  • No, You will not be able!


Yours, #pilepina_photographer

You may order photowalk-excursion  with me in the old city or order just photo session for your family event in Kiev.

We walk and take photos in the old part of the city. We start from Golden Gates and finish on the Independent Square. The buildings start talking to you after you know their history and become familiar. You can walk by yourself or come with me. 

I am English speaking  photographer in Kiev.

I am happy to meet new people and to make interesting historical and photo memories for you.


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