What to wear for photo shoot in winter?

what to wear for photo shoot in winter

What to wear for photo shoot in winter?

It was January and the weather was not too much cold as it happens in Kiev in this month. But she came in light t-shirt and light purple coat and said it was not cold. I was wearing the hat and warm coat.


Take into account that we are talking about photo walks or family photoshoots, and don’t take into account thematic concept photography.

I don’t  give recommendations if my guests don’t ask what to wear during photowalks, but if they ask what to wear, I always recommend what to wear in winter:

  • Wear the clothes that has three different colors, no more than three. Personally I understand that travelers don’t take much clothes and they put on the very comfort and cozy one. But the colors in the shot will come together well if there are three of them. Or your clothes should be in one color gamma and in that case you will look cool.
  • If you want tender and nice air photos, specially during the winter you need to put on one color dress and warm one color or light two color print coat. No bright multiple colors. If you want to wear something bright, it should be only one thing on you.
  • Scarf and hat if it is very cold  in one color are just ok for photo shoot.
  • Good mood and desire to get new information, feel yourself a model and a listener are the last but not the least!

My personal thought and priority for my guest is your your comfort. This priority is triple: first – feel yourself free, second – be yourself, third – wear comfort clothes. During photoshoot and excursion the  focus will be  all on you.

Don’t be afraid of photo shoot in winter it is really cool to have photos when you want to a photo walk. My guest Adalia, travel blogger from USA was not afraid to have a walk in January.  And Max and Dasha are not afraid of winter they put on very cool bright coats, just take a look on the link – WHAT TO SEE IN KIEV FOR ONE DAY?

What to wear for photo shoot in winter

If you, photographers are interested to know about how to get ready for winter photo shooting? shoot I will post my experience. Be ready for new experience. 


Best regards,

Elena Pilepina


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