Where to stay for a night in Kiev?

Where to stay for a night in Kiev

I adore traveling, that is why do my best to help foreign guest of my city to feel comfort and spend time in interesting places in Kiev and in Ukraine.

I can recommend you to follow these tips down there before booking accommodation in Kiev.

Coming to Kiev, you better book your apartments for a stay in the regions, which are located closely to the subway station. Nowadays, Subway stations are easier to use from day to day, you can take paypass credit card and use it for paying the transfer in subway or pay on the cash desk 8 hryvnas and pass the gate way with a coin or a QR code (it depends what you are given).  You can write “subway kiev” in Google and go to Google maps and see how subway in Kiev works. As Google Local Guide, I know that nowadays subway official office own the rights for all subway accounts.

Speaking about Hotel, apartments or a hostel for a stay in Kiev, I should admit that  for budget and not always budget, but more comfort and hommy places, you can choose Airbnb service. It works now and most of my guests use it for stay in Kiev. 

Nice Luxury alternative for stay in Kiev are a group of World famous Hotels such as Radisson Blu, InterContinental Kyiv, Holidays Inn, Riviera House, 11 Mirrors Design Hotel, Khreschatyk City Center Hotel, Premier Palace Hotel, Hilton, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv.

Where to stay for a night in Kiev

So, Where to stay for a night in Kiev? It depends on you. Personally I choose accommodation according to the location and use the map.

So, You can choose the part of Kiev closely located to Independence Square, Golden Gates, Lvivska Square, Podil. These are the regions you can walk and discover the most famous sights  for one day, but better to visit Kyiv for more days and feel it like a local. I am sure that you will like it. To discover what you can see for one day – follow the link – https://pilepina.com/what-to-see-in-kiev-for-one-day/  or  discover How effectively spend One day in Kiev?

Due to the warm weather, the best time to visit Kiev is, the end of April, May, whole summer, September and sometimes, October.  The tourists are visiting Kiev the whole year be it Summer or winter. The main streets of Kiev are always overcrowded on weekends and during rush hours. Quarantine changed this situation a little bit. Moreover,   people nowadays go out to have coffee, lunches and dinners and choose terraces  outdoors more frequently than before.

You will meet fewer people in the city in summer, because most locals move to the sea for a leave, but many tourists come to visit Ukraine instead. It always depends…


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